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    We descended from beyond the stars
    When the birthing chases the forbidden rune
    We are rising from within
    Secret quarters
    We can finally enter the room of the disciplined
    We enlighten the biggest star to reach beyond the technische world
    We are taking the light to the able again
    And again to set you free
    Into the lands of Aldebaran
    Let the fighting entail
    We are serving the inside
    Of the craft below
    The eternal reign (train?)
    We are reaching the blood rune
    Of might!
    We conquered the ancients
    That are long gone
    What we politische created
    And why is no other fair of blood
    So beautiful and proud
    Bless the Gods!
    So greet the power
    Sacred blood
    We created these lines of length
    Power wind and werwolf
    We are your servants - your strength!
    When the will of my right hand war
    Crowned the east to gain the world
    Out of blood and glory and the sight of the sun
    Pagans I promise your world last eternally!

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