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    Aggrandize their strenght
    Focalize on their might
    Mobilize troops of race
    A war in the street formalized
    Weapons support wasteful efforts
    Deceptions appear in their eyes
    The battles of youthful expressions
    Countermine the surprise
    The battle rages on
    Professors of sinful exploits
    Neighborhoods fall to shame
    Graffiti the powerful voice
    Desecrating the way
    Violent crime investigators
    Seldom follow any clues
    No one wants to get insolved
    Never wants to be abused
    Forces chosen
    Peace is frozen
    Children corrupted
    Equal justice
    Silent persecution, no solution
    Will they bleed
    Bent on retribution, no conclusions
    Will they bleed
    Festive dementation, defamation
    Will they bleed
    Suggestive absolution, last conclusion
    Will they bleed

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