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    Your antidote for sickness
    Is the source of my cure
    In a different form of course
    With more pleasure
    I am sure

    They help me deal with the pain
    To enhance the pleasure of this life I lead
    An addiction or a crutch they are not
    And them I do not need

    But I desire them, I confess
    In a strange sort of way
    With no remorse, I may add

    But worry not you need not pay
    I'll influence your decision not
    Merely show you both sides
    Of the invisible line
    Where pain and pleasure collide

    You need not tell me of their worthlessness
    They've not hurt me I believe
    More harmful to some than others
    So if you are some reprieve

    And though it, it sounds so easy
    Distinguish between the two to
    You may not, may not know till it's too late
    The choice is, the choice is up to you

    You see I have painfully learned
    To infringe my beliefs on no one
    I have seen first hand
    The damage they have done
    I've witnessed for myself
    The hands which they have dealt
    The blankness in ones eyes
    As their brains begin to melt
    And as they plead for your assistance
    In their moments of confusion
    You stand helpless but say
    This is only an illusion

    The choice is, the choice is up to you
    The choice is, the choice is up to you
    The choice is, the choice is up to you
    The choice which you may lose

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