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    Alcohol infested lives
    In the night they seem to fly
    Never ending road to death
    Neveer near the home stretch
    Lack of guidance, sudden trust
    Will they soon forget the loss

    Everyone's refuse to drive
    Designit in charge of lives
    Will they cross the final bridge
    Will they parish in a ditch

    Pull the plug, the right to drive a privalege
    Stop the fools, don't override decision
    Pull the plug, the right to die your option
    He's the judge, allows this to continue

    Best of all evils are never deprived
    Consumed by the handfuls and ruining our lives
    Violent cutback the system avoids
    Protecting the children, from dangerous exploits

    Buy a license from the state
    Such a little price to pay
    Drive them all to sudden death
    Pull the plug and gain respect

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