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    Antagonistic pressure
    It lives in all of those
    Who set the standard for their lives
    Who preach upon their goals

    They send the squads of police
    Enforced authority
    But soon they'll break away
    Then they'll all be free

    Social wars, riots killing
    Everything has changed
    Death defying mutant warriors
    Only will remain

    Subliminal seduction
    A simple mind control
    Pick the brains of those insane
    But who's the bigger fool

    Watch the city lights
    As the students plan their fight
    A social war against the system
    Plotting their impending doom

    Impending doom
    The time is here
    They'll she'd a tear
    Then they'll pull the knife
    They'll kill the one
    Who's in their way
    Impending doom is here to stay

    Wake up from a nightmare
    Blood has stained the sheets
    Everything been terrorized
    Evil plan complete

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