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    I gaze through the waters to see another reality
    To a place beyond hope and fear
    Seen visions of an unspoken paradise
    When will I drift into my own reality
    Oh, the beauty of images seen through fire
    An altered place
    To taste the blood and to become my illusion
    As I fade away like sand
    Now I see the line between space and time
    A dimensional state
    Explore a place through the dark catacombs of your
    My visual conquest
    To open the doors to my future world
    I see hell's fire burn below my feet
    To become animal of my past primate
    To kill again, of the land, in the night
    Second sight, the third eye, to see with my mind
    The knowledge
    To change existence, mutile beyond the norm
    The hideous nothing, the ultimate terror
    To explore the mind, open oblivion's door
    The secret landscape of the mind

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