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    How far can you go? Living the way you do? Painful as
    It seems. We're lost writhing our own world. Costly is
    A life. What is the price of a million dead? Worthless
    Are you are. A pain we must suffer. False are your
    Words. The truth must be surfaced. The deceitful
    Piper. As mice we shall follow. Profound lost soul.
    Doomed for all eternity. Preacher of tomorrow. You'll
    Burn for you lies. Cold is the evening. As I lay naked
    In the dark. Listening to the sounds of the creatures
    Of the night. I wonder if they will even know what
    I've done. The tragedy of the souls who suffered. And
    Of life. They all fell victim to the knife.
    Disfigured. Mangled beyond recognition. Only I
    Determine the fate of another life. Running free.
    Enjoying my killing spree. Impersonate someone who
    They trust. Emerging from the dead. I have lust.
    Acquitted. There's no court that can stop me. The pain
    That I saw in their face as they died. Moves me.
    Floating in a river so cold. The final resting places
    Where my victims go. Mourning families will not know.
    That loved ones feel to a merciless death. My tactics
    Are insane. My blade cuts deep into the softest flesh.

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