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    I'll take all that you have Take what, what I need My
    Soul is parched with all grief Bitterness and sadness
    Is what I feed Those that don't know my shadow My
    Shadow, what it cast Darkness and beseech I plead in
    Silence, cry to the world Like a fallen angel I look
    Back to heaven Where's my salvation gone Wipe these
    Tears from my soul Gaze into the pool and looks back
    At me with Crimson tears Eyes look into a world of
    Dead emotion Shattered my wings, no more tales to tell
    Forget my lies, after all my world is hell Temptation
    To fall is the unbeliever Painting a picture is a soul
    Of black Life fallen to ruin and shame Fallen forever
    In this dark depth of empathy Wade in cold still water
    Of silence Ripple of water away is my past Quiet in
    The world and beyond My hands hold the tears of sorrow
    I lift my head and cry out into the silence I have
    Fallen, fallen into the halls of eternity The lost one
    Of serenity Slipping away, leave this world behind The
    Rapture of life, death collides Fading farther into
    The other world Open my eyes, awake in the afterlife
    Shadows reap sweet sorrow To reach my last fantasy May
    I find what I seek in death May I find the answer in
    Death to forget my past Or have I lost my way for
    Eternity The fallen

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