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    After the war I come. The new king of this kingdom. A
    New beginning has begun. The time is now for everyone.
    I practice an art called pain. Feel my wrath and see
    The flame. You live for my lies. A starving multitude
    Is sure to cry. Watching children walk away. Carrying
    The dead of their parents. They'll praise me in my
    Name. And be stunned for my visual conquest. I am the
    Darkness you fear inside. If you betray me you'll
    Surely die. I'll build my fortress upon your crushed
    Bodies---bound by chains of bitter bondage. Feel my
    Punishment and taste my sweet pain. Your eyes will
    Bleed at my sight. Your lips will parch from my touch.
    And from your carcass the carrion will feast, and the
    Ecstasy of your sufferance. Will bring me great
    Pleasure. The time is now for you to die. And witness
    The punishment. After the holocaust I come. A ruler of
    This new nation. The tides of time have turned.
    Abolished a thing called freedom. In a handful of
    Dust. You'll see the future is of misery. In the grip
    Of madness. The death of millions for my fame.

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