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    In the night the light burns away Dissipating into
    Shadows In the black hearts that bleeds pure death An
    Empty shell remains For the last rites of sorrow Eyes
    Reap of tears A conquest full of questions The answer
    Lies in wake A figure of black stands before me Eyes
    Of others watching me For which I face is the unknown
    A darker side of my own And the screams of horrific
    Voices Fills o soul full of fear Is this a dream or
    Just reality For no one can explain A dark mystery
    Forces beyond the unknown Is it just imagination A
    Silhouette of night that speaks no words Face to face
    I see the nothing A stone edged face that sheds a tear
    For they enter my body and possessed my soul I turn my
    Face and look away I close my eyes, I dwell in fear As
    I look again the nothing is no more Was it a dream or
    True reality Till another night they return again The
    Endless shadows of evil There's no god that can help
    Me For I am doomed within my own cell The dark mystery

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