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    Thy eyes pierce crimson moonlight I sleep in lunar
    Spheres. I awake within the land of beautiful
    Darkness. nocturnal love. there's no sun in shadows
    Land. the only light is the moonlit night. I walk
    Along with the beasts and serpents, nothing do I fear.
    At one with the burning blackness. blood running
    Tears, dark figures in the night. the black clouds in
    The sky. whispers from the other side. there's no more
    Fear of the darkside. do you feel the sensations run
    Up and down your side? look deep within you. see what
    Is in your shadow-filled heart. my ears hear the
    Masters call. screams of revelation and ending times.
    The rights of law have been broken...broken. crying
    Tears of solar winds. a breeze of cryptic shrieks from
    Below...dying. a place of stunning sights. a place so
    Cold that no one knows. ive seen the days of
    Sorrow-filled ways. the passionate love of dusk. fear
    In the weak minded fools. strong are the chosen few.
    Black are my ways in every move I make. I stand at the
    Temple of the moon. anointed king of the night. wears
    The crown of swords. bestowed upon me. shadows land
    And the infinite kingdom.

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