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    I As One And I As One Stand Alone
    Wipe Away, These Prophetic Things I See
    Diabolical Experimentation Of Myself
    Into The Life Pod, To Change My Retched Existence

    Reborn, Experience The Rebirth
    I Shall Reign On Mountains High

    Into The Storm Of My Eyes
    And You Will See It, Before Your Demise
    All Of My Children Of The Earth
    Come To See My Temple, On Mountains High
    And Celebrate For The Rebirth Of Me
    We Will Bond As One, To Form Legions Of Hate Power
    Crushing, Destroying Sowing The Seeds Of Haste,
    Forever Growing And Changing The Will Of The Other Man

    Killing Themselves To Be Reborn Again

    Reborn Is To Die, A World Demise
    So Many Things Are Happening

    Birth Is Painful And Tasteless
    Testimony To The True Apocalypse
    Winter Solstice In A New Generation

    Succumb To My Orifice, Witness A Violent Sight
    They Will Bleed, Onto Me
    You've Seen The Rebirth Of Me, Fall Down And Worship
    It Is Thy Will, Or Be Killed

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