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    Through Gateways Of Dreams, Enter The Unknown Realms
    Passages To Another Time Where I Submit My Ways.
    Conqueror Bringer Of Shame, Master Of Many Names He
    Who Speaks In Many Tongues, Why Is This, Time Will

    Escaping To A Primitive Landscape, Complex Structures
    Of A Vast New Race, Darkening Thoughts Of Mortal
    Emission, Conquest Of Life Total Submission
    Tears That Fall From My Eyes, Like Liquid Fire Burning
    So Bright The Unconscious Mind Is Here To Witness,
    Psychotic Trips Through A Portal Of Madness

    Supernatural Beings From An Unknown Void, Surpassing
    Through Our Bodily Origins In A Microscopic Form,
    Tales Of Terror Which You'll Hear Reveals Your Vivid
    Imagination Of Specters You Will Fear

    Falling So Fast Cause Your So Blind, Things Of The
    Past Will Come To Mind Catch Yourself Before You Die
    Or Forever, Eternally Reign In This Time

    Force Without Form, Come To Light
    Travel Along A Spiral Trace Into The Darken Skies
    Burn The Fleas That Plague With Disease, Torture
    Representatives Of Humanity,
    No Where To Run You Try To Leave, Come Out Of The
    Dream, Running Towards The Light Of Reality, Your
    Quickly Slipping Away

    I Run Towards The Light,
    The Door Is Closing Fast Battling These Dregs Of Hate,

    They Submit My Fate Tearing At My Emotions, I Feel The
    Skin Is Stripped Away, Oh Please Help Me

    Feeble One, Now In My Dominion, I Eternally Damn Thee
    Through Gateways Of Dreams, Entered The Unknown Hell
    Passed Away In A Moment Of Time, Now Your Forever

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