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    In life we give not To the ones who are in denial The
    Right to go their own way And to do what they please
    The struggle of our true emotions Passive is the one
    Who will fall down and cower And for the pain is so
    Tasteless It amuses me to see the sweet agony As the
    Power engulfs the one who falls As I turn away leaving
    Death behind me I walk this road alone, a path of
    Destruction A path that all shall fall My hate grows
    Stronger with every step that I take There's no end
    For taking life It's the way I feel enraged Shadow
    Cast that turns to black Hardens a heart to stone
    Merciless your prayers are useless As I cut you to the
    Bone The crying, watch your children walk down the
    Tail to dying Dreams are lost and all life is left
    Shattered The dying are the one's who are left and
    Forgotten No one stands, no answers left to the riddle
    Of death I am the eternal anger that is feared I am
    The well spring from which it flows The one who has
    Brought eternal nightmare The one who has opened
    Death's door My soul is the pinnacle of hate and
    Desire Feeding from pain and power

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