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    Sorrow is depression and despair A time of life that
    No one cares Inducing chemicals of pain driven fate To
    Suffer at a moderate rate And to go beyond To face
    Your shame of personal disbelief And a life in hell is
    In rage And the anguish of hate remains To self
    Indulge in pain, a weakness I'll remain Feelings
    Becoming numb In the face of the lost the doors are
    Closed shut For no one remains, only to suffer in
    Haste A life of loneliness and dismay Time of anger
    And hate A place that no one should witness A void of
    Eternal fate The darker, the stronger will fall A cry
    For help, no one hears, my words are silent Slipping
    Into the unreal Fading away into the dark deep abyss
    Fallen angels guide my way to oblivion The dark has
    Become my soul A reaper of pain for my weakness The
    Shadows of life left behind Drifting away, falling
    Deeper as I run Altered feelings of blindness To walk
    The road, the twisted trail of madness On the left
    Hand path of despair To turn aside pages of past life
    What has been written, is set, destiny To live is to
    Die, the end of former life At destinies end, to say
    The last goodbye

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