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    When we wake in the morning we will see the glorious
    Sun. standing in the rays of life, our day has just
    Begun, the essence of time is ours, precious as every
    Minute goes by. i was a fool to have wasted, the
    Stupidity i called fun. who is to love when the hearts
    Have grown cold. a life can no longer exist. wheres
    The love? if only heaven would shine on is a heart
    Would be warm. in the night im clinging to my covers
    In bed. i awake once again with another nightmare.
    Close the door around you. lock yourself from the
    Outside world. an empty heart can't feel love, just
    Loneliness. i wish i would die, there's no peace within
    Me. hurt and anger in my soul. emotionless as feelings
    Are destroyed. only hoping my end will come. how long
    Can i go on? experiencing depression. how long can i
    Go on? there is no other way, to bring peace in my
    Heart, it must all end someday. memories of an
    Haunting dream, so close to losing my reality. tears
    Are running down my face. i look towards the sky,
    Screaming at God in heaven. oh please hear my cries of
    Torment. i close my eyes, feelings distraught, my
    Heart denies. for the one i loved now walks among
    Angels. we shall meet again when the death closes my
    Eyes. reunited together as one, happiness of mother
    And son.

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