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    Nightfall, into the eyes of darkened passion.
    Nightfall, fall victim to her dark desires. The
    Tempting lust, two arms to embrace her beauty. Hearts
    Cry, eyes caress her blackened image. Cold nights
    Frost, covered in the sleeping snow. A winters spell,
    A suspended statue of frozen misery. Her empress
    Supreme, goddess of the night. Forest of mourning,
    Magical limbo fire. Her eyes of winter entrancing,
    Lost in her mystical spell. Guardian of wolves,
    Bloodlust, the desire of blissful onslaught. In the
    Night the goddess of desire calls to me. For what she
    Is, is what I love. I offer her my loyalty and
    Devotion. Slave to the spirits of night. Bounded in
    Chains of thy lust. A animal of searing passion.
    Nightfall, the icy breath from her lips. Nightfall, a
    Land of infernal beauty.

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