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    Winters breeze has frozen my thoughts. crystallized,
    My lips are parched from the frost. alone in the
    Darkest of worlds. in the day of the grayest light.
    Frozen in the breath from my mouth. beautiful is the
    Pure white snow. a warrior of ice from the north.
    Chilled when i drink the frosty water. solitude is the
    Desolate land. the animals pierce me with their blood
    Red eyes. it's sweet sadness, loneliness forever. a
    King in a glacier palace. my kingdom is vacant and
    Colored white. struggling onward by the grace of God.
    To find another life. there is no other life. as i
    Close to an end when the wolves catch my human scent.
    Battling for my life. when the wind caresses my mind.
    In the land of darkness i sleep. dreams of happiness,
    They will confront me. it's my world. my eternal
    Emptiness and evermore. lost in the cold, my body is
    Numb i cannot feel. everything that's happened is so
    Unreal. the wolves are gaining on me and there's no
    Place to hide. the eternal emptiness in me shall die.

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