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    I await the blackened night. Pulled away from the
    Warmth of the light. Seized by that which dwells
    Inside of me. Cursed by loneliness and it's nondesire.
    Dark within these four walls. Lies a Sadness no one
    Shall bare. No one shall know, no one ever cares. To
    Understand or witness my fall. As a wolf among sheep I
    Have wandered. Wandered into an empty void of tears.
    Withered in grief of memories once pride. Forever
    Echos and never to die. My heart still aches for an
    Eternal desire. Feed off my mind, bleed out my heart.
    Darkness folds these icy walls. No one near me, no one
    Hears my calls. Waiting for the end but it always
    Comes back to me. To relive the suffering and
    Impurities. I am left alone to forever plunder. As
    Wolves among sheep I have wandered. Gazed into
    Darkness oblivion to it's call. My mind starts to
    Wonder as darkness fall. I stand freely to embrace its
    Shell. Given to me this so called hell. In deep
    Thoughts never left to rest. Fall of tears the sins of
    My past. A warm hand a mind to share. No forgiveness
    No one cares. My mind is like a wasteland. Ever vast
    And forever storms. I have wandered seems like
    Eternity. Filled with sadness and misery.

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