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    Sent by the gods to show power.
    Scorched is the land, creation we will devour.
    Fallen dominion shows blood of tears Look into their
    Eyes, they show fear.
    Plunge my sword deep within their hearts.
    Grace my steel with their blood.
    Hatred and anger runs deep in my heart.
    Wanting to be at peace, I miss the feelings.
    Of happiness I once knew.
    As far as I can see, a dream that's beyond my reality.

    Watching the ever changing portals of life .
    As we rage on and conquer Ungodly is our crusade,
    Death shall rise.
    A feeling like no other, drifting through time.
    Being free from all.
    Triumph over those who have fled.
    Left to die in the land of the dead.
    Impale our swords within their hearts.
    To tear and rip their soul apart.
    The wind carry's the sent of the dead.
    Can you see the blood of those who have fallen. The
    One forgotten is left and forever rotten.
    Only I remain.
    The power I hold is thy hate.
    And to banish the ones who deny.

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