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    Believing, holding faith in others hands. Some things
    You can't understand. Doing stuff that someone says.
    It seems you cannot stop. Can't get enough. Mislead,
    False belief. Not understanding your own grief.
    Compromise, you've only seen true lies. A controlled
    Existence within the mind. Corrupting morality of the
    Heartless torn apart, the will is weak only the strong
    Survive. All is wrong, can't comprehend. Don't know
    What is real. Bodies are numb they cannot feel.
    Manipulation of a population is so unreal, so unreal.
    Mortal hell. Your feeling anxiety. Confusion. Emotions
    Of a madman nervous breakdown. Shreds of insanity.
    What I've done I was compelled to do. Echoes of cries.
    The screaming will soon be dead. Speaker of lies,
    Bringer of true darkness. The forever people shall
    Drink of bitter waters. Swarming like locust from
    Darkened skies Plaguing civilization. Burning whispers
    Of the four winds. Vivid imagination. Only sees what
    Is foretold. Forced repression. Humans have altered
    Their sanity. Subversive ideas they have

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