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    For a while I been hearing, the screams of agony Like
    So many people dying For my eyes have seen the worst
    In this life, and beyond... The visions of horror from
    Beyond spectral plains Like a noble warrior I must go
    To the outer realms The center of hell There I must
    Face the unknown master of benevolence In battle... At
    The gates I face a path of darkness A trail I must
    Walk alone A shield I carry, and sword in hand Faith
    Is my courage, is all I carry in this waste land A
    Task of bravery, I will prevail I wipe the sweat from
    My eyes, the visions of horror A silhouette of demons
    Swift as the wind they attack, the battle of destiny
    Begins The blood and valor is beyond spectral plains I
    Swing my sword up high, the sounds of steel collide
    Hand to hand we fight on, until the very last they
    Will fall The sounds of the dying, screaming in their
    Blood Onward I keep marching, for victory is in my
    Wake Surrounded by darkness and dismay For what lies
    Before me is the land of death I carry on alone into

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