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    Times have changed in this once precious land. Beast
    Of burden is what's become of fellow man. And women
    Weep as their children are dying. Vanquished in a time
    Without prayer. Burn. Death. Kill. And destroy. In any
    Race. Watch them die. Murder. Rape. Cheating and
    Stealing. This is the only way to survive. A new line
    Of judgment is needed. For a new world order. Who will
    Pay the price to see? The new law goes through.
    Chaotic as the world might seem. In one persons point
    Of view. In others eye's it's a way of life. And it was
    Always meant to be. To bring forth solutions of world.
    But times are out of line. As they pray to god for an
    Answer. Peace. Looters run wild in the streets of the
    Night. Lawless world of pain. Fear. Dying. Dark places
    Of filthy swine. Murderers. Reign of lunacy will last

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