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    Odious in the utmost degree. Yours are the eyes of
    Horror. Hideous creature from the abyss. Body of open
    Wounds. Maggots infest. What is this? It cannot be.
    Monstrosity. Emerging from beyond this reality.
    Metamorphosis of a monster that I set free. Of a thing
    That cannot be named. Blasphemy. Unspeakable horrors
    That come forth. Into this world. I summoned it from
    Deep within the book. Necronomicon! Gone beyond, which
    That is wrong. Normal mortality to damnation. To what
    My mind cannot perceive. And now madness takes over.
    Instigate to terrify. My unwanted retributes me. To
    Confront the carrion demon. Horror. It sickens. Fear
    Its feat. A beast unleashed. Closed in all around.
    Haunted by the sound. Sickening demon. Perverse. So
    Unclear. Tentacles. Arm like. Slap in disarray.
    Malevolent mutant. Obscure shadows it portrays.
    Spoken. The predictive words. Clearly out loud. Before
    Madness overwhelms my mind. Cry it screams out in an
    Ancient voice. Time and space. Enters into a vacuum
    Hole what is this. It cannot be. Monstrosity. Emerging
    From beyond. Heavy metamorphosis of a monster that I
    Set free. Of a thing that cannot be named. Blasphemy!

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