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    Abandon dualism and Indoeuropean ways
    The world isn't black and white, only shades of grey.
    Recognize the herd mentality in your thought processes
    Deaden those drives stemming from biology.
    Reality is a lie maintained by the Enemy who has written history to it's liking.
    You've been surrounded by propaganda
    Signs of the decline of Western culture.

    The revolting cult of the Nailed God is still alive and sick,
    Fitting for the necrotic human rats flaunting their deformities.
    The Enemy has by it's actions wilfully become subhuman
    You'll purge society by abolishing it.
    Storm the Enemy's offices and paint the walls with it's blood.
    It's teeth and veins make for nice necklaces and it's intestines delicious sausages.

    Familiarize yourself with different weapon systems
    Both physical and psychic, exoteric and esoteric.
    The unexpected strike is the most devastating one.
    Remember to maintain secrecy in everything you do.
    We exist in a reality which we can explain rationally yet cannot understand;
    Into this world we are thrown.
    Don't follow any rules, including these.

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