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    The taste of nuthin, this does somethin
    Moms that knows that, says I'm frontin
    Call me Smiley, cuz I'm wiley
    Livin life like the life of Riley
    Smokin blunts with a boy named Bud
    We cough up your lungs, cough up your cud
    Put out fires, with a 40, ounce of water
    You know you oughta
    Dance to this, your girl you kiss
    I like fried foods, especially fish
    Afrocentric, I'm electric
    Socialistic and eccentric
    Body's healthy, mind is wealthy
    Thoughts, they flow, that will prepare me
    To be a Native, get creative
    Original and designative
    Listen to the line that's playin
    Listen hard to what Q's sayin
    Politicians are magicians
    Make your vote, they hope your wishin
    Ambiguous words, senseless verbs
    They all amount to crap that's heard
    Violent hip hop, money flip flops
    Promoters won't book, but it still rocks
    I'm a Zulu, yes, a true blue
    Red Alert is with the poo-poo
    Ozone layer, loses flava
    Here's the edge that you will savor

    The economy...politics...police...everything
    Except for the youth
    But the youth about to come back

    Q-Tip(voice distorted):
    Alright, here they come
    Uh oh, uh oh, uh!

    With expressions and I'm guessin
    19 years is a youthful lesson
    Fallin skies babe, open eyes babe
    Can't you see what lays inside babe
    Makin mentions on this tension
    Rhythmic lovin, my profession
    Hips, they gyrate, scripts I narrate
    No banana, I ain't a primate
    Ain't no soul glo, just an afro
    The head is bred to let the thoughts grow
    Quest together, to lands of never
    Sleet and snow and storms can't sever
    Tribe is growin, never know when
    For this time, six necks may show in
    Dialogues have been accepted
    Negatives have been rejected
    That's the music, negro music
    Is here for all, so you must choose it
    Phonies fondle, watch it throttle
    3-6-5 straight out the bottle
    Bustin caps, finger snaps
    I prefer the second for ghetto tracks
    Phife, Jarobi, Ali told me
    Get the force like Wan Kenobi
    Force his teachin, beats are screechin
    Poly plateaus, we aim for reachin
    Tribalization, freaks the nation
    A mass of peers in celebration
    Hopes been real high, since the knee high
    Days of youth, feelin good and real spry
    Avid combos, hear those bongos
    Boom cacka boom, that's how they go
    We ain't nomads, but we real glad
    Hip hop slams through the nineties, no fad
    As a rhythm, have been given
    Hurry up, become, we breakin out, out

    With a rhythmic instinction to be able to travel
    Beyond existing forces of life
    Basically, that Tribal
    And if you wanna get the rhythm
    Then you have to join a Tribe
    Word, peace

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