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    Yea, move your body, decide to party
    'Bout to bring it to you kid like we never ever did
    My nigga Al G in it, my nigga Shaheed in it
    We got the girl Kristine in it, got my man Big G in it

    Hey, yo, inside the ghetto or in a sunny meadow
    I'ma make you move whether woman or fellow
    Yo, I got the medals in the warfield of respect
    Like an ill porno make ya body get wet
    Just a ghetto child trying to live a straight and narrow
    Hoping that my shit will pierce your dome like an arrow
    I'm sure it will, especially if it's God's will
    MC's you ready to die cuz I'ma kill
    All you negative feelings standing on two feet
    While I make the hotties move to the hip-hop beat
    You know what's really killer, realer than you can imagine
    Using every source of pain in my range to make it happen
    If I make it happen, that means I'm making motion
    And I'm doing my thing causing an ill commotion
    Everybody do the hop, niggaz soothe like lotion
    I lay up in the piece or an incognotion
    You gotta do the hop then move to the beat, you don't stop
    Now everybody here, you do the hop
    You going up to cop, a town full of brick, don't stop
    You gotta come back and do the hop
    Yo, fuk the cop, you gotta come back and do the hop
    Move till your body won't stop
    You gotta do the hop, nonstop motion, nonstop
    You gotta come back and do the, do the

    You see you, your career is done like Johnny Carson's
    Get me vexed, I do like Left Eye, I'll start an arson
    Now that I got that out my system
    Watch me stab up the track as if my name was OJ Simpson
    I packs it in like Van Halen
    I work for mine, you, you're freeloading like Kato Kaelin
    I'm representing wit my crew
    Mess around, bite my rhymes, I beat that ass wit my shoes
    C'mon, you know I'm crazy nice (nice, nice)
    Brothers can't deal wit this shorty named Phife
    You must be mad in the head
    I bust his ass and leave 'em bloodclot for dead
    Niggaz sound like Das EFX
    If it ain't Das EFX, then they sounding like Meth
    You might as well do Megadeth
    Yo, punk MC's better save your freaking breath
    You'se a corny muthafuka
    You must be high smoking dust wit Chris Tucker
    You ------asses don't want this
    I pull more beeps than the beep at the premier of Pocohantas
    Word is born, I am the baddest
    And all you honies out there, word is born, you know my status
    So come and pull your panties down
    This ain't no Barnum and Bailey show, I don't get down wit the clowns
    So why don't you and your friends, get wit me and my friends
    But don't bring your ass buying you ain't got no ends
    Word is born, it don't stop(stop,stop,stop...)
    Just ease your mind, come along and do the hop

    You gotta do the hop, you move to the beat, you don't stop
    Come on everybody, do the hop
    Even if you a cop, you gotta come back and do the hop
    You move to the beat, you don't stop
    You smoking jub rocks, you gotta just stop and do the hop
    Then you come back and do the hop
    You know we don't stop, we on the ghetto, rise on the top
    You know we come back and do the hop
    Shorties in the place, all the shorty rocks, do the hop
    You gotta come back and do the hop
    We never go on pop, you know we come back, we do the hop
    This is how it is, we do the hop
    You move to the beat, then come on everybody, don't....

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