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    (come on)
    Root to the fruit
    More bass than bootsy collins
    You verses me
    Thats like ali verses foreman (a-ha)
    God's act, stand back and watch
    Devil's time out
    Can't be timed with no swatch watch
    Who i am, the black abraham
    Zunga zunga zang, yellow man, vietnam
    Add an extra bar as i spar with literature
    Taking kingdoms from tsars
    Winning more wars than the moors

    Hey, what's the deal?
    I seen the devil spar with allah
    Mathematics was the key to set my whole race free
    You might debate we, a refugee
    No harm hurt me
    Dying, thirsty from the struggle
    To my own hustle bubble
    On the low, woe is me
    To show the free bob right
    The righteous asiatic thinker
    While satan rob light
    Civilised like the molly
    Burgundy, wildy rocking
    Seen the fifth when ali clocked him
    John forte will keep you locked in

    People all around
    You got to recognise and witness
    The mister who swift enough to knock you out with mic fitness
    Hands blistered from holding the mics tight
    Some say it's fright night
    Well throw the r after the f 'cause i'm gonna take away your breath
    The bell rings and now it's just a daily operation
    Yo, you saw my lubrication
    You can see this occupation (the winner)
    Eh, you know we're from q-borough
    L-booie and clef the trainers, prazwell promote the throw

    [lauryn hill]
    We used to bite bullets with the pig-skin casing
    Now we perfect slang like a gang of street masons (uh)
    Scribe check make connects
    True pyramid architects (yeah)
    Replace the last name with the x (x)
    The man's got a god complex
    But take the text and change the picture
    Watch muhammad play the messenger like holy muslim scriptures
    Take orders from only god
    Only war when it's jihad
    See ali appears in zaire to reconnect 400 years
    But we the people dark but equal give love to such things
    To the man who made the fam' remember when we were kings

    Blocks on fire (block's on fire tonight)
    Fiends getting higher (uh-huh)
    Robbing blue collar
    (hey yo we rob them blue collars)
    Killing for a dollar (stick 'em up)
    Youths get tired (ali ah yeah)
    We're dealing with them liars (ali ah yeah)
    (we're dealing with too many liars)
    From brooklyn to zaire (uh-huh ah yeah)
    We need a ghetto messiah (ah yeah come on)

    Send me an angel in the morning, baby
    Send me an angel in the morning, darling
    Send me muhammad in the morning, baby
    Send me an angel in the morning, darling

    [ali shaheed muhammad]
    Once the pen hits the pad it's danger
    To this i be no stranger
    Step inside the ring and i'll derange you (come on)
    I'm hearing no comments
    Everyone looks dispondent
    Dejected, rejected similiar to liston
    Catching lists
    Beat it, sonny
    My man is still the greatest in this
    To hell with frazier yappin' about that negative shit
    Now listen, you can try and escape if you want to
    But ask yourself, who the hell you gonna run to
    Like sade abu you got a punch that i can sleep to
    Fugees, tribe, busta rhymes forever coming through

    We sing amazing grace over two dollar plate
    One roll snake eyes like jake the snake
    Many lies put up for stakes
    Wash our sins at the great lakes
    You and i cannot see eye to eye
    So therefore we cannot relate
    I'm here when i make myself crystal clear
    You fled to cape fear when i laced you in zaire
    Tussle with a lasso in the royal rumble
    Seperate boys from men in the concrete jungle

    [busta rhymes]
    I remember when cassius clay flipped the script
    Taking trips to zimbabwe
    Africans started calling the god ali bumbaye (so bwoy)
    It be the god stricken, god nutrition, lightly stricken (ha)
    Blow that make you feel like you was poison bitten
    Ha yo i'm 'bout to blister you and your sister
    Predicting every ass whipping before my fights my nigga
    This be your last warning once you walk past the doorman
    Ali and foreman gonna lock ass until the morning
    Marvellous finances provided by joseph mobutu
    Special guests of honour like the archbishop desmond tutu
    We watched the rumble in the jungle
    To see who be the targeted uncle to be the first to fall and fumble
    Nuff blows they gettong thrown, like solid milestones
    Internally shaking up niggas, imbalance your chromosones
    With the force of a thousnad warriors
    When i bust your ass identify me as the lord victorious

    Blocks on fire (you're a star)
    (blocks on fire)
    Fiends getting higher (you're a star)
    Robbing blue collar (you're a star)
    (yeah rob them blue collars)
    Killing for a dollar (you're a star)
    Youths get tired (you're a star)
    (youths getting tired)
    We're dealing with them liars (you're a star)
    (we're dealing with too many liars)
    From brooklyn to zaire (you're a star)
    We need a ghetto messiah

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