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    It's a new decade
    The Native Tongues are about to proceed with the usual lingo
    The usual rhythm

    Devoted to...the art of moving butts
    The rhythm's happenin, and it's movin up
    The Tribe has been on hold for much too long
    Don't fear the rhythm because it's strong
    On the corners, brothas bop their heads
    >From the high-tops to the knotty dreads
    I'm a nubian y'all, look what we did
    Took the crust away from the third eye lid
    Now, it's kinda open, longs to see the site
    Rhythms of the Tribe which is passed out right
    Night after night, day after day
    Questin for the rhythms of the Native Tongue lay
    Rhythm is the key as we open up the door
    Things a B-boy has never seen before
    Polyrhythmatic with a big fat boom
    You have an eargasm as you start to consume
    The ghetto beat with a ghetto poem
    Yeah, it's from the heart, cuz it's from the home
    Jarobi, Phife, Ali Shaheed
    Call me Koala, got what you need
    You're a disc jock, then jock this
    Rhythms can't lose, rhythms can't miss
    If you feel uptight and you need to freak
    It'll be alright once we drop this beat

    I got the rhythm, you got the rhythm(8X)

    Ma ma sa ah, ma ma coo sa
    Gets hectic, freak a bourgeios
    We Quest around for the musical hard
    On the avenues, streets and boulevard
    Not sellin out, that's a negative
    Lovin hip hop, lovin heritage
    Got the instinct to travel miles and miles
    Gotta whole lot of room for piles and piles
    Now, you're kinda with it, wanna get the funk
    >From the Zulu Nation, toppin all the junk
    Standin on the top like the Temptations said
    Rhythms are obese, yeah, you gotta keep 'em fed
    Read what I read, can't be better said
    Tribalic motions dabble in the head
    Sweetback's bad, not as bad a beat
    It's a "stone groove baby"
    Continue, on the windy road
    But, I'm luggin, a crazy big load
    Will we be on point for the ninety deck
    Is it muscle bound and will it flex?
    But trudgin, we are used to
    You don't Quest alone, Quest with a crew
    We're four, once more, must make the tracks
    You see four fronts, but now you see four backs

    chorus(until end)

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