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    *all vocals by The Lone Ranger (Q-Tip)*

    This is the Lone Ranger
    If you're one of the fortuante to purchase this
    A Tribe Called Quest, The Love Movement album
    You are privliged to witness the first in a series of attempts
    To rectify music from it's rectulness
    Again, this is the Lone Ranger with his first installment
    Money Maker

    Colder in the winter
    And hotter in the summer
    Get on up
    Get on up
    Live your life right when you be corrupt
    Volcano about to erupt
    Get it up, Get it up, Get it up

    Got the motivating joints that keep your ass jumping
    Why when a nigga get on, you want something
    Yo I got the posinious traps for little rats that fiend
    In come the bedroom dream
    Kick it at a slow or at a quick tempo
    A ladies' disposition won't fuck with the mental
    I'm built for conflicts with chicks with issues
    I can lick the wounds bring ease with miss yous
    Bringin' all the pain and makin' things shiver
    The beat make you bite your nails and shit your liver
    And we gonna give a encore performance
    Haters seem doormant while my presence is enormous
    Tarnations, I went gold
    Streesed out with Faith but told cats to get a hold
    Who is the nigga who's mic is stronger
    Rock for an hour and he might rock longer
    Kid you're perplexed, seems I better get to gongin'
    The clean up man, hang you up like on and
    Don't step in the arena, that's a stern warning
    I'm the pops, I raise the sun like morning
    Seems you're still sleeping, hey, stop the yawning
    Open up the blinds and witness the dawning
    The new application and I'm the applier
    And I'm a set it off like fire
    Yeah yeah, that's where it's at
    Make it hot and phat and like Puff (I like that)
    Now I got to urge you on to move ahead
    Don't dread, 'cause I keep the stock in the shed
    And if you need a boost, then I got the jump
    Because we prone to make the party go bump bump bump bump bump bump bump
    Where you is, if you the baby daddy then uplift the kids
    Get back and plan, don't be on front flossin'
    Incognito, you heard the name quite often
    You dressed in black and been issued a coffin
    I thrive on this plain, you off to the lost one
    Like cayon pepper, it gets hot to the better
    >From each little dash it get the whole smash
    It's tasty too, so satisfy your whole pallid
    Fake ID's are revoked, they're invalid
    Infractin' bodies out on the dance floor
    Is what I wanna see, not less but much more
    The lyrics just spewed, he got good reviews
    The kid made the news, how he left no clues
    On how he just murderlized the whole damn jam
    He just got results that's smiles and waved hands
    The mission could never be accomplished, however
    Until we bounce to a autumn where hot weather
    And still we'll be able to rock and rip crowds
    While other emcees say nuthin' and talk loud
    While other emcees say nuthin' and talk loud
    If you with the Tribe, chest out and be proud

    Shake your money maker
    Shake your money maker
    Shake your money maker
    Shake it, shake it

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