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    Verse One: Phife Dawg

    Aiyyo swing swing swing, to chop chop chop
    Yo that's the sound when MC's get mopped
    Don't come around town without the hip in your hop
    Cause when the shit hits the fan, that ass'll get dropped
    MC's wanna attack me but them punks can't cope
    I'll have you left without a job, like Isley from The Love Boat
    So money watch your mouth, or I might have to bust ya
    Battlin MC's, from JFK to Russia
    Back down to London, Sweden and Brazil
    Do a U.S. tour for three months and then a chill
    Styles be fat like Jackie Gleason, the rest be Art Carney
    People love the Dawg like the kids love Barney
    "I love you, you love me"
    The shorty Phife Dawg is your favorite MC
    So move back yaself dread, you know the element
    The Tribe is good for your health like a can of Nutriment
    MC's don't have no winds, MC's don't have no winds
    I flips you crazier than a busload of Jerry's Kids
    Your crew don't want it, man your crew don't want it
    But if you feel you can swing it, then money please bring it
    (sup) Large Professor in the house (sup)
    (sup) You know how we do (sup)
    (sup) I stay on your crew (sup)
    (whassup) like Mario Lemieux (whassup)
    (Whassup?) Peace to Ike Love
    (Sup? Hah hah) and the rest of the crew (Whassup?)
    (Whassup?) I meet you guys in front the cleaners
    Bring the blunts and the brew so

    Verse Two: Q-Tip

    Whassup kids? The Ab is speaking from the moon
    Thanks for your support, aiyyo I'll be home soon
    But the only thing I ask when I return from my task
    Is a whole bunch of beats and a Blass full of ass
    My fist stands firm because I'm, black and solid
    I open up your pores like a plate full of collards
    C'mon take it easy wouldya, easy easy
    I'm up in the gulley, that's when I am her Buddy
    She told me pull her hair, I did, it drove her nutty
    Filled up the hole like spackle or I mean putty
    When we over joints like this we never cruddy
    Extra P hooked the beat, and kids it feels luh-huh-ovely
    Check it out, cause my conception is immaculate
    A bachelor, lookin for a bachlelorette
    Back to you MC's, this is what your gonna get
    A first degree burn from my man Ken's cigarette
    I hope you like Malboro, Paul you know we thorough like Denver
    The beat feels like a never-ender
    But all things good must, so I won't sweat it
    Drop the C's for the youthful crew, I hope you get it
    As I stand, grip this mic inside my hand
    Boy I smack you up, like I was your old grand
    so respect yourself Son, and come and gimme love
    Once again the Ab is who you think of
    So chill with the beef money, we got a Jetti

    Verse Three: Extra P (Large Professor)

    It's Extra P and yo Tip I'm bout to set it
    on the country once again here to win
    I'm Uptown chillin, takin in this grand master Vic blend
    from the projects, the PJ's, fuck them two DJ's
    Self mission, I had her in the ill position
    Saying "Large youse the soul brother that I'd like to
    eff with for the rest of my life" yeah yeah now check the method
    As I, proceed with what you need like Akinyele
    A whip looks complete when the tires say Firelli
    Funk monkey, one rapper fell off, now he's a junkie
    There's 8 Million Stories in the city it's a pity
    Don't fuck with the skins if she's trying to act shitty
    Shout to the Guru, Primo and Zulu Zulu
    Nation, was on a vacation, in the ghetto
    Yo Ras slow your roll I'm bout to bag this here's metal
    Rapper Nas on topic, seems we gonna rock it
    Queens represent, buy the album when I drop it (drop it)

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