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    My mother went away for a month-long trip
    Her and some friends on an ocean-liner ship
    She made a big mistake by leaving me home
    I had to roam so I picked up the phone
    Dialed Ali up to see what was going down
    Told him I pick him up so we could drive around
    Took the Dodge Dart, a '74
    My mother left a yard but I needed one more
    Shaheed had me covered with a hundred greenbacks
    So we left Brooklyn and we made big tracks
    drove down the Belt, got on the Conduit
    Came to a toll, we paid and went through it
    Had no destination, we was on a quest
    Ali laid in the back so he could get rest
    Drove down the road for two-days-and-a-half
    The sun had just risen on a dusty path
    Just then a figure had caught my eye
    A man with a sombrero who was four feet high
    I pulled over to ask were we was at
    His index finger he tipped up his hat
    "El Segundo," he said, "my name is Pedro
    If you need directions, I'll tell you pronto"
    Needed civilization, some sort of reservation
    He said a mile south, there's a fast food station
    Thanks, senor, as I start up the motor
    Ali said, "Damn, Tip, why you drive so far for?"

    (Well describe to me what the wallet looks like)

    Anyway a gas station we passed
    We got gas and went on to get grub
    It was a nice little pub in the middle of nowhere
    Anywhere would have been better
    I ordered enchiladas and I ate 'em
    Ali had the fruit punch
    When we finished we thought for ways to get back
    I had a hunch
    Ali said, "Pay for lunch"
    So I did it
    Pulled out the wallet and I saw this wicked beautiful lady
    She was a waitress there
    Put the wallet down and stared and stared
    To put me back into reality, here's Shaheed:
    "Yo, Tip, man, you got what you need?"
    I checked for keys and started to step
    What do you know, my wallet I forget

    Yo, it was a brown wallet, it had props numbers
    Had my jimmy hats I got to get it man

    Lord, have mercy
    The heat got hotter, Ali stars to curse me
    I fell bad but he makes me feel badder
    Chit-chit-chatter, car stars to scatter
    Breaking on out, we was Northeast bound
    Jettin' on down at the seepd of sound
    Three days coming and three more going
    We get back and there was no slack
    490 Madison, we're here, Sha
    He said, "All right, Tip, see you tomorrow"
    Thinking about the past week, the last week
    Hands go in my pocket, I can't speak
    Hopped in the car and torpe'ed to the shack
    Of Shaheed, "We gotta go back" when he said
    "Why?" I said, "We gotta go
    'Cause I left my wallet in El Segundo"

    Yeah, I left my wallet in El Segundo
    Left my wallet in El Segundo
    Left my wallet in El Segundo
    I gotta get, I got-got ta get it

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