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    Verse One: Q-Tip

    Yup yup yup
    To the North to the South to the East to the West
    I don't discriminate boy I bring it to your chest
    If you oppose, then your soul will decompose
    Strive to get money and I'm not no hoe
    Fresher than the air that you're breathing through your nose
    Fuller than the kicks that you're puttin on your toes
    You can ask Bo but yo that nigga don't know
    About the dominant factor the accurate rapper
    Here's the next chapter, page ninety-five
    Niggaz so hard it's a wonder they alive
    But yo we still survive through the danger that lurks
    My eyes remain wide while you ask like Urk
    and yo my Family Matters, so all you mad hatters
    Put your thinking caps on and motherfuckin brainstorm
    Cause I got the plan that wins and can't lose
    Your man knows who's nice say Tip he'll say "True"
    A lot of these jokers out here is blase
    I'll be rockin mikes until a horse says hey
    Some are preoccupied with glamour and glitz
    Actin all boogee and making big movies
    But I'll be in the cut call me Incognito
    Busy makin joints that will bump for my people
    You're listening to a man who was something for nothing
    Stay in me forever head, never be frontin

    Chorus: repeat 2X

    Once in a while we have fun in the mix [never ever]
    In to good living, but some be into glitz [true dat]
    Everybody knew, all the fellas and the chicks [trigga E]
    Gotta wear a shoe that fits all my peoples

    Verse Two:

    C'mon word, check it out now [you out there?]
    Uh, uh, check it out now [you out there?]
    What? Uh, check it out now [louder! louder!]
    [louder! louder!] Uh, check it out, yo

    Peace to the girl named Hurricane G
    Peace to my girl named Dawn Paris
    Peace to the Organzied Kon-fus-ion
    Peace to all my shorties that be dying too young
    Peace to both coasts and the land in between
    Peace to your man if you're doing your thing
    Peace to my peoples who was incarcerated
    Asalaam alaikum means peace, don't debate it
    Devouring, and towering over fools
    Your mic is broke and my shit's cool
    The black man with the understandin of
    The three wise men and the theories of Zen
    Yo I get inside the crevice like a dentist
    Disrupt, the block, like Dennis, the Menace
    Shaheed is on the needle, the shit it won't weeble
    or wobble, your rhymes is mixed up like Boggle
    Bingo! That was the damn dog's name
    But yo I know another one with much more fame
    The Phife Dawg, and that's my word to the cipher
    About to bring it to your chest and cause strife check it out
    You're doubling back, to your rhyming pad
    What I represent is MC's gone mad
    In a perfect world there's imperfect acts
    We've come like a God to redirect alla that
    So people with a gift can just flaunt and get money
    So much, we in the bank that the shit ain't funny
    Money is invested in real estate and stocks
    But not inside the glamour cuz all of that stops

    Outro: Consequence

    Yo dis the Cons to the Quence
    up in ya like a stiff one, knowhatImean?
    It's nine-five, you got to live it or rip it
    So if you step on the streets keep it movin, knowhatImean?


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