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    As we start trudgin'
    Me and my brothas we be lookin' and be buggin'
    Vehicles of life they be rollin' and be mergin'
    Searchin' for the virgins of life
    They'll be shovin' out the door of that's crack
    The valley's of time, are always on my feet
    As least the beat will combine
    The calluses and corns with the funky bassline
    You don't need underdog for a nickel shoeshine or the shoes that's phat
    Well can I get a level on the bass and on the treble
    Footin' up and down like a UNLV Rebel
    The answer be amoungst us, well we rarely dig acoustics
    Can't be too much flackin', not too much packin'
    You must contain in that at least to dip your hip in rap
    Your feet will be infectious so at least realise the fact
    The rhythms are insertive and the nurse can be converted
    This ain't rock 'n' roll cos the rap is in control
    If your a megastar would you buy you a car?
    I'd rather go barefootin', for prints I will be puttin'
    All over the earth if we can get there first
    Now that we are in it, Footprints will be imprinted
    So if you recognise em', you can try to size em'
    They'll probably be the one's with the size now flyin'
    All over the field, you won't have to yield
    If you want protection you can hide behind the shield
    You can gain on the gallons if you really need to rock
    Look we walk while we talk as we stompin' through the block
    Hand in hand cross the land as Muhammad cross the fade
    It's a Tribe who meanders, precious like a jade
    It's a art, Theo arch rhymes the ground their placed upon
    The mind will unwind, it will soft to beyond
    Catch the track, track by track, get a map to track a trail
    You will find yourself behind for a map does not prevail
    See the levels peakin' as the rhythms keep a screechin'
    A Quest, oh yes a Quest, inside the jam I will keep preachin'
    The point, oh yes the point, because it's close but yet so far
    The loudiness is ringin' as we scoot across the star
    We are bulgin' I'm indulgin' in a rat-a-tat-tat
    Explanation for the liners that the rhythm is phat
    Keep it wild, wide and deep, you can dig it in a jeep
    But dig it in the ground because your foot print now
    If there's a storm that's brewin', it won't keep us from doin'
    our thing as we start swingin', travellin' is bringin'
    joy inside the domes as we hit the road to roam
    A chair is not a chair, a house is not a home
    Because my skin is brown, yo' I'm gonna' do the town
    Rub it in the face and rub my feet all through the place
    When you get your finger on the music it'll linga'
    Sing a song o' sixpence, sing it like a singa'
    A Nubian, a Nubian, a proud one at that
    Remember me the brotha' who said "Black is Black"
    You can come while we quest, I don't play, I don't just
    Get emotions off your chest, we are black, we the best
    Makin' moves, makin' motions, flowin' like an ocean
    The walkin' will continue, we know that we will bring you
    The times that you have waited, long anticipated
    Be gone but not for long because the feet will stay strong

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