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    Chorus (After Hours it was cool x8)


    Ten after one I think I'll hop the horse
    Downtown late of three of course
    Just came from fishing couldn't get a catch
    Downtown they'll probably have a batch
    A whitened sandwich and again it stopped
    But with the bail though I had a bout
    So I exchanged it for some apple juice
    I had the blues but I shook them loose
    A jeep is blasting from the urban streets
    Loots of funk over hardcore beats
    The moon dabbles in the morning sky
    As the minutes just creep on by
    I get a thought and hear comes my Tribe
    Ritual shakes and in good vibes
    Like always the Quest begins
    In the mist though but the rhyth's move in
    We find a spot and we sit and chat
    Speaking on the status quo of rap
    A derelick makes a real long speach
    We pay attention to the words he read
    When he was done we rattled on
    There was no lunch because it wasn't dawn
    We pointed things out about this times
    The worlds famons and the crazy crimes
    Inflation of the nation, it bothers me
    I better go gold, to pay the taxes
    Gotta be swift society
    The man whose made is the man who maxes
    The grounds for living are being discussed
    As we go it gets close to dusk
    Gather thoughts and savor breath
    Cause there's only a few hours left

    After Hours it was cool (x8)


    Me ohh my, hey-hey, hey-hey
    The human hours are here to stay
    This is how it seems(?) my witness
    Bug out all night, ask Phife, he's with this
    Girls be screaming on this conversation
    I have my two cents for a revelation
    And my watch continuously tic-tocs
    Shaheed will bring up the beats that rocks
    I hear the frogs and the smashing of bottles
    A car revs up and I hear it trottle
    It probably moves with the morning wind
    Ohh my God, here's Phife again
    (?) talking about last nights game
    Trying to remember someone's name
    So hear the frogs dancing in the streets
    Once again Ali will bring up the beat
    Like this

    (Sounds of frogs)


    The beat is over and so is the night
    The sun is risen and the shine is bright
    We all say peace and go our separate ways
    Youth is fading as we gain our days
    Expedition for the song is simp'
    The hours creep, excuse me, I mean limp
    As we go you hear a gasp of laugh
    As we start up our rhythmic path
    Like this


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