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    That's what it's all about
    It's midnight, we're feeling all right
    Dressed up for a cruise tonight
    Nothing can hold us back
    We're alive and right on track
    All set, ready for a show
    It's gotta blast, get outta control*
    Nothing can stop us now
    There's a party going on too now*
    If you say, that it's okay
    We gotta start right now
    That's what its all about baby
    That's the way that it's got to be
    That's what it is going on baby
    That's right, that's right
    That's what it's all about baby
    That's what it comes down to baby
    I want you to hear me out
    That's what it's all about
    Half past twelve
    We're sneaking out the back door
    Who said, we couldn't stay out long
    Till the lights go out
    We're gonna show what its all about
    We're gonna take it to the top
    Never gonna stop
    Cause we might, do it till we like
    Spread the word around
    When the drum rolls, time to get down
    Oh yeah
    There's nothing that can stop us now
    I swear we'll always be around
    If you say, that it's okay
    We gotta start right now

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