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    Clo-ser, to-to perfection
    Clo-ser, to-to perfection

    Closed every door
    Puttin' everything aside
    Hooked onto you
    And my life was passing by
    I stood in a cloud of dust
    Blinded till you cut me off

    I'm back and alive
    Getting over you
    Now I've got it together
    I'm stronger than ever
    Back on a track with a better view
    And I'm getting closer to perfection
    Cause of you

    Clo-ser, to-to perfection
    Gone in a beat
    Suddenly I'm on my side
    Shook me around
    Like a thunderbolt in strike
    I stand in the light of faith
    I thank you in so many ways


    Closer perfection cause of you
    (don't-don't-don't-don't-don't-don't-don't-get-get-get-get-get) [x2]

    All the things I wouldn't do
    Without holding onto you
    Lost in the dark
    Til you left me without a clue

    [CHORUS x2]

    And I'm getting closer to perfection
    Cause of you

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