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    It's as if you started out on the front page paper newstand pixelated in black and white, this picture of you now is still beautiful somehow armed with a guy that's not me

    Tonight this candle will burn this to ashes and drink away problems still I seem to have this

    The sight of your lips as they're locked onto his, now it's over, the way that his eyes are locked onto all that I have

    It's as if I'm fading out, you're holding onto his hand still thinking that I'm alright, the thought of you right now is making me sick now holding the guy that's not me

    Glass half empty time more wasted just swallowing sights but my eyes can't taste this

    This is me now, this is what you've done to me, I'm bent and bruised and I'm taking this away

    This is me
    I'm alone now, I don't need anyone

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