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    I've been dreaming of waking up happy under the sun, in the smog and the traffic and dreams of California, so this lonely live takes to I-80 to try and forget, all the people and friends that forgot about me when I left

    I'm finding home I'm finding my heart, my head, the reason's why I left

    But this is for dreaming, this is for leaving, this is you picking up the pieces when I'm gone, this is to drinking, this is to living, this is to packing all my shit and moving on, I'm moving on

    I've been dreaming of lying down naked next to you, under stars on a blanket under the Los Angeles moon, as we sit with our thoughts and watch the planes fly by, it's nights like this that I'll look at you, and know I feel alive

    My western home, my eastern heart, the middle is my home

    And I don't mind, setting these traps for you, to fall into because, I will be there, when you need to be rescued, I'll rescue, I will rescue you

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