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    Ignorance is bliss and so commonly linked to our memories
    When hope becomes just a word that has no meaning anymore
    When there's nothing left to hope for

    History has a tendency of repeating
    Confidence has a consequence and it's pushing
    Me over the edge and I've been thinking that this will never end
    I've got the confidence to do this but something is holding me back

    So I'll say my prayers
    Hold my breathe
    Cross my heart
    Set my mind free

    Feelings keep building never release me
    From these hollow walls that are built and fall around me
    When life becomes just a thing that ends before it begins
    And our children slit their wrists beneath our parkways

    I wont forget who I am because this is where I find compassion
    I wont forget who I am and every day I keep on wishing

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