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    Your exterior is hard and fast while your interior will never last
    The poisonous venom that flows in your veins spikes the addiction that I know you crave
    The noxious gases that you inhale destroy your brain cells and they make you pale
    So take this advice and clean up your act start paying your dues
    Learn to love and respect the thing you have

    I'll admit that I'm afraid of dying but a life worth living is a life thats worth fighting for
    So I'll take my chances and I'll let you know
    That I'm not that easy I'm the one in control
    Now how does that sit with you does it hit close to home
    Does it make you shake and lose control

    Now take your time getting over
    The fact that your dead and you'll never be sober
    So do another line pretend you can fly
    Leave through the window I can't watch you die
    So tell me again what goes through your head
    Nothing at all is what she said
    Now she's kind of clueless to the things that she's done
    The places she's been
    Her infamous run with the devil's men

    Now I know that you haven't had the best life
    But you also haven't had the worst life
    And to sit here and watch you die slowly but surely
    It tears me apart it tears us all apart
    Now there's nothing you can do and I realize that
    But there is something that you can do

    May the wind be at your back and the sun upon your face
    And may the winds of destiny carry you aloft
    To dance with the stars

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