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    [Verse 1: A$AP Twelvyy]
    I'm feelin' like Puff back in '98
    Bad Boy here, boost the crime rate
    My hand good but the nine great
    Fuck the law, nigga, crime pays
    Can't tax dirty money
    Thank the Lord for dirty money
    Man, I used to be dead broke
    Now my bank full of dead folks
    Get the Benjis for my brothers
    Grants for the bills and the Jacksons to my mother
    Momma love kept me so clean
    And I got it with the dope fiends
    Now I'm tryna get my dough clean
    Hoes scream when they get a glimpse of the whole team
    In that Velour VLONE
    A Nutcracker at the kingdom
    "Work" banging on my ringtone
    Whole team getting dough, she ain't even know
    It's the year of that A$AP
    Niggas slept on us now it's time for that payback

    [Hook 2x: A$AP Twelvyy]
    It's mad stress round here
    Got my bulletproof vest and my Tec round here
    I just wanna get away
    But I can't get away

    [Verse 2: A$AP Twelvyy]
    It's like my back's against the wall
    See a nigga want it all, run the game with my dogs
    See they praying that I fall
    Another mural on the wall, front page of the Source
    A blood stain on the floor
    Another black boy lost, left slain in the Porsche
    Man, they killed my nigga Stack B
    I'm yelling, free my nigga Max B
    Man, they killed that boy Trayvon
    I got the right to carry firearms
    Bill of Rights, I know my shit
    Bunch of books and some loaded clips, tell the law, "Suck my dick"
    Free my nigga S-1
    And Remy too, for them 2? I'm a wreck, son
    Light somethin', know a nigga stressed
    Know a nigga blessed, gotta get this shit up off my chest
    Fuck the rest, cause when sun is set
    I'mma burnin' that then kill some clowns with my loaded Tec
    Trigger happy, nigga nappy head peasy
    Motherfucker, be easy motherfucker, ha


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