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    New York City (New York City), you are now rackin' with 50 Cent(with 50 Cent)
    Are you ready? (are you ready?) (*gun cocks*) I said are you ready?(are you ready?)
    See you with me nigga? (with me nigga) Drop that! (drop that)
    Paid for a hooptie but I wanted a drop

    [Verse 1]
    G-UNIT! Somethin' new, somethin' new
    I'm not that nigga, in your video
    I'm not a trick, I don't love the hoes
    And niggas know I be, on the low
    But I miss my dough, and I twist my dro
    I'm not that nigga, that you think you know
    I walk around with a big four four
    You front on me, I'm gonna get at you dog
    I be right at your crib, waitin' at your door
    (What up bitches)

    [Verse 2]
    Comin' up I ain't had much, I wanted a lot
    I had paper for a hooptie, but I wanted a drop
    So you know, I had to make somethin' out of nothin' (Yeah)
    Like turn an empty spot, into a crack spot pumpin' (woo)
    Also hard at 19, I bought a Benz I did
    The older niggas really wasn't feelin' the kid
    Tried to find out where I lived, so they could run in my crib
    But you can't hustle a hustler, I peeped in a sled
    Back then niggas yousta call me boo
    In 6 months, I sold a million gold tops on got brew
    Country came around, ease it and clappin' then
    Country left, strange shit started happenin'
    Like C shot Ra for some ends, Ra shot Dro for some chins
    Cory shot Drew, and we was friends
    Money turns boys into men
    The cycle never changes, shit just starts again

    [Verse 3]
    Nah nigga, ain't nothin' change nigga
    Yeah I've been gone for a minute, but I'm back
    Damn 50 good to see you back in the hood
    You see my cherry red SL, nigga I'm doin' good
    Sometime I can't find the words to say how I feel
    So I take a quote from Menace, "look at the wheels"
    I'm addicted to stuntin', now that I'm holdin' somethin'
    I got a trunk full of guns, from VA today
    (oh yeah, let me hold somethin');
    Nigga you high or somethin'
    I don't play games, I'm about my money, nigga buy somethin'
    I got a few fifths, I got a few nines
    Here nigga, take one, catch it took, and bring me mine

    [Outro - 50 Cent talking]
    Yeah, don't ever say I don't do nothin' for you nigga
    You know, uh, don't say I don't look out for ya
    Ya know what I mean, but make sure you nigga, you go catch somejokes
    And you come back, nigga have 'em, and have my paper for that thangthang
    You know what I'm sayin'? Say I don't want it back, nigga don't tryto use it
    And don't get it back for me, nigga and no shit like that
    In fact, I can see ya'll niggas now
    Run around sayin', 50 gettin' all this rap money, and he won't helpus (haha)
    Sit tight nigga I'm comin'
    You know, new shit, all this shit I put out on the mixtapes
    Is for the mixtapes, I got a million, OH MY GOD!
    My shit is so hot right now, I'm in a zone

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