Poesie di Emily Dickinson

Poetessa, nato venerdì 10 dicembre 1830 a Amherst, Massachusetts (Stati Uniti d'America), morto sabato 15 maggio 1886 a Amherst, Massachusetts (Stati Uniti d'America)
Questo autore lo trovi anche in Frasi & Aforismi e in Proverbi.

Scritta da: Silvana Stremiz
Live with Him - I see His face -
I go no more away
For Visitor - or Sundown -
Death's single privacy
The Only One - forestalling Mine -
And that - by Right that He
Presents a Claim invisible -
No wedlock - granted Me -

I live with Him - I hear His Voice -
I stand alive - Today -
To witness to the Certainty
Of Immortality -

Taught Me - by Time - the lower Way -
Conviction - Every day -
That Life like This - is stopless -
Be Judgment - what it may.
Emily Dickinson
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    Scritta da: Silvana Stremiz
    Why make it doubt - it hurts it so -
    So sick - to guess -
    So strong - to know -
    So brave - upon it's little Bed
    To tell the very last They said
    Unto Itself - and smile - And shake -
    For that dear - distant - dangerous - Sake -
    But - the Instead - the Pinching fear
    That Something - it did do - or dare -
    Offend the Vision - and it flee -
    And They no more remember me -
    Nor ever turn to tell me why -
    Oh, Master, This is Misery.
    Emily Dickinson
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