Poesie di Emily Dickinson

Poetessa, nato venerdì 10 dicembre 1830 a Amherst, Massachusetts (Stati Uniti d'America), morto sabato 15 maggio 1886 a Amherst, Massachusetts (Stati Uniti d'America)
Questo autore lo trovi anche in Frasi & Aforismi e in Proverbi.

Scritta da: Silvana Stremiz
If I should die -
And you should live -
And time sh'd gurgle on -
And morn sh'd beam -
And noon should burn -
As it has usual done -
If Birds should build as early
And Bees as bustling go -
One might depart at option
From enterprise below!
Tis sweet to know that stocks will stand
When we with Daisies lie -
That Commerce will continue -
And Trades as briskly fly -
It makes the parting tranquil
And keeps the soul serene -
That gentlemen so sprightly
Conduct the pleasing scene.
Emily Dickinson
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    Scritta da: Silvana Stremiz
    Taken from men - this morning -
    Carried by men today -
    Met by the Gods with banners -
    Who marshalled her away -
    One little maid - from playmates -
    One little mind from school -
    There must be guests in Eden -
    All the rooms are full -

    Far - as the East from Even -
    Dim - as the border star -
    Courtiers quaint, in Kingdoms
    Our departed are.
    Emily Dickinson
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      Scritta da: Silvana Stremiz
      I often passed the Village
      When going home from school -
      And wondered what they did there -
      And why it was so still -
      I did not know the year then,
      In which my call would come -
      Earlier, by the Dial,
      Than the rest have gone.

      It's stiller than the sundown.
      It's cooler than the dawn -
      The Daisies dare to come here -
      And birds can flutter down -

      So when you are tired -
      Or - perplexed - or cold -
      Trust the loving promise
      Underneath the mould,
      Cry "it's I, " "take Dollie,"
      And I will enfold!

      Spesso attraversavo il Villaggio
      Quando tornavo a casa dalla scuola -
      E mi domandavo cosa facessero là -
      E perché fosse tanto silenzioso -
      Non potevo sapere l'anno allora,
      In cui la chiamata sarebbe giunta -
      Più presto, per la Meridiana,
      Degli altri che sono andati.

      È più calmo del tramonto.
      È più fresco dell'alba -
      Le Margherite osano venire qui -
      E gli uccelli possono posarsi -

      Così quando sei stanca -
      O - perplessa - o fredda -
      Confida nell'amorosa promessa
      Sotto la terra,
      Grida: "sono io", "prendi Dollie",
      E io ti abbraccerò!
      Emily Dickinson
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