Poesie di Emily Dickinson

Poetessa, nato venerdì 10 dicembre 1830 a Amherst, Massachusetts (Stati Uniti d'America), morto sabato 15 maggio 1886 a Amherst, Massachusetts (Stati Uniti d'America)
Questo autore lo trovi anche in Frasi & Aforismi e in Proverbi.

Scritta da: Silvana Stremiz
Of Bronze - and Blaze -
The North - Tonight -
So adequate - it forms -
So preconcerted with itself -
So distant - to alarms -
And Unconcern so sovereign
To Universe, or me -
Infects my simple spirit
With Taints of Majesty -
Till I take vaster attitudes -
And strut upon my stem -
Disdaining Men, and Oxygen,
For Arrogance of them -
My Splendors, are Menagerie -
But their Completeless Show
Will entertain the Centuries
When I, am long ago,
An Island in dishonored Grass -
Whom none but Daisies, know.
Emily Dickinson
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    Scritta da: Silvana Stremiz
    How the old Mountains drip with Sunset
    How the Hemlocks burn -
    How the Dun Brake is draped in Cinder
    By the Wizard Sun -
    How the old Steeples hand the Scarlet
    Till the Ball is full -
    Have I the lip of the Flamingo
    That I dare to tell?

    Then, how the Fire ebbs like Billows -
    Touching all the Grass
    With a departing - Sapphire - feature -
    As a Duchess passed -

    How a small Dusk crawls on the Village
    Till the Houses blot
    And the odd Flambeau, no men carry
    Glimmer on the Street -

    How it is Night - in Nest and Kennel -
    And where was the Wood -
    Just a Dome of Abyss is Bowing
    Into Solitude -

    These are the Visions flitted Guido -
    Titian - never told -
    Domenichino dropped his pencil -
    Paralyzed, with Gold.
    Emily Dickinson
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      Scritta da: Silvana Stremiz
      I got so I could hear his name -
      Without - Tremendous gain -
      That Stop-sensation - on my Soul -
      And Thunder - in the Room -
      I got so I could walk across
      That Angle in the floor,
      Where he turned so, and I turned - how -
      And all our Sinew tore -

      I got so I could stir the Box -
      In which his letters grew
      Without that forcing, in my breath -
      As Staples - driven through -

      Could dimly recollect a Grace -
      I think, they call it "God" -
      Renowned to ease Extremity -
      When Formula, had failed -

      And shape my Hands -
      Petition's way,
      Thò ignorant of a word
      That Ordination - utters -

      My Business, with the Cloud,
      If any Power behind it, be,
      Not subject to Despair -
      It care, in some remoter way,
      For so minute affair
      As Misery -
      Itself, too vast, for interrupting - more.
      Emily Dickinson
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        Scritta da: Silvana Stremiz
        How noteless Men, and Pleiads, stand,
        Until a sudden sky
        Reveals the fact that One is rapt
        Forever from the Eye -
        Members of the Invisible,
        Existing, while we stare,
        In Leagueless Opportunity,
        O'ertakenless, as the Air -

        Why did'nt we detain Them?
        The Heavens with a smile,
        Sweep by our disappointed Heads
        Without a syllable -.
        Emily Dickinson
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