Scritta da: Donato Curtotti

A tale of knowledge

When it feels like the world is the scene and your will is projecting the film of the life you want to live,
it would probably mean that you learned how to magicly convert your strenght into happyness.
I let my thoughts run away so my eyes meets the infinite,
My mind is open wide, spread by the sight of a better future for my life,
A future where my convintions about place and time are nothing warning!
As into a see i can swim gently into the dreams i made knowing that nightmares are just faded away, fears cannot touch me cause im not into solid matter anymore. The light of the knowledge always shines on the way of those who knows how to entertain their souls into this state of consciousness usually defined as mortal body.
Donato Curtotti
Composta mercoledì 1 luglio 2015
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    Scritta da: Donato Curtotti

    The writer's wiew

    I'm not seen as it yet, so
    I can't say it, but though
    Yoù re more special that the world
    population so... Yes! I am.

    I write, don't you?
    doesn't everyone?
    As you used to try but you're not good at it.

    I think, I knew what you meant
    but I even know that you can,
    look at me
    I can't speak
    I'm from above
    in a region where words
    are different by nouns

    but I try harder everyday
    and I wish that I may
    a day, being seen as I say
    as the writer of the books in wich my poems stays.
    Donato Curtotti
    Composta mercoledì 27 maggio 2015
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