Scritta da: Atena Longo


My soul is a living flame
while I can just think of you.
Nothing matters now:
the rise and the fall of the day,
the turning of the wind,
the high metaphysics and
the end of the world:
They are all trifles when
I look into your eyes.
I drink the water of gods and
breathe the warmth of ashes
when you are close to me,
waiting the touch of your arms.
O Love, do not let me wait.
Your lips are rain drops in desert lands,
your hands pure fire in the
long wintery season of passing days...
Let me feel your love,
I want to live again.
Atena Longo
Composta lunedì 4 maggio 2015
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    Scritta da: Atena Longo


    I lean my head on
    your heart's bosom
    Sleeping long while
    you hold me tight.
    My dreams of you are
    the only place I have to go.
    Back to the eternal joy of
    Infancy: resting for
    a moment in your arms.
    Only your warm breath
    I want, the sweet chaotic
    weight of silence.
    Death comes to look at me
    when I am close to you,
    envying the eternity of an instant.
    All begins and ends when
    I am there, in that cold room
    Atena Longo
    Composta sabato 9 maggio 2015
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