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Scritta da: Manuela Camporaso
In the last thirty years i have observed, quite a lot, i would say. It is not a surprise to anyone that many of the people who have become (relatively) successful have often stolen their ideas from others. No all of them, of course. There is always the "original creator" somewhere. I am almost certain that our world is lead by great and fine manipulators, but i am not judging here. I certainly understand that the war for success requires a highly competitive attitude, but i would never conform to that. I care too much about being myself that i am even happy to gift others of my own ideas, with all the blessings from the Sky to follow. I am only saddened that, from the beginning of time, the desperate and sophisticated tactics of our own ego are too often justified in name of that "success or glory" so greedily yearned.

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    Scritta da: Manuela Camporaso


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