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commento #6, postato da Beep, il 09/05/2014, alle 09:35:14
Told the woodworm to the walnut, give me time and I will pierce you.
commento #5, postato da cocchiere, il 20/02/2014, alle 20:45:32
il pappicio è il tarlo e sportos vuol dire bucare! ma che scrivete!
come disse il tarlo vicino alla noce dammi tempo che ti buco!
commento #4, postato da Rouge, il 11/01/2012, alle 14:19:05
In English it means:

Worm said to Nut: give me time and i'll dig you out.

It's about patience, as to say that in front of difficult tasks you need to spend time and patience to get it done. It's actually hard to translate it literally cause it loses lots of it's musicality of course, but at least you get the meaning of it =)

Oh and consider it wasn't a correct grammar of Napoletano, rather phonetic transcription i would say. Have a nice day!! =D
commento #3, postato da Lucilia, il 28/04/2011, alle 02:12:01

Can someone translate this proverb to english, please, and explain it to me. I´m trying to figure it out but I can´t understand it.
I would be very thankfull.
commento #2, postato da Arjen, il 22/08/2010, alle 15:15:33
Da me un po' diverso è...
"Dicett 'o pappece abbicin 'a noc: ramm 'o tiemp ca t spertos"
Differenze tra località...comunque la stessa cosa è!

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